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Beautiful hand painted tables and work surfaces that last a lifetime, made from slices of volcanic basalt from mount Etna

Volcanic stone is the answer for maintenance free outdoor tables.The basalt stone is five times stronger than marble or granite, the painted glazed finish can be fired at very high temperatures making the surfaces impervious to all damage and wear. Traditional hardwood outdoor furniture is ruined by rain, ice and sunshine and has to be constantly rubbed down and oiled to keep it in good condition, without this endless maintenance expensive wooden tables can be destroyed in a few years. Volcanic stone tables are individual works of art that can be painted to your specification. They will not fade with exposure to sun or sea salts and cannot be stained by wine, bird droppings or mold. They can be cleaned with strong chemicals and abrasives and always return to their original condition. Hardwood tables destroy forests while volcanic basalt is a renewable resource with mount Etna producing new rock every year.